140 - Branden Stone

SURPRISE! We're bringing you the first of a ten episode series a little early to prepare you for what is to come! To start off the road to episode 150 we brought back our very first guest, Branden Stone. Brando is the host of The Game Addicts Podcast as well as Co-host of Journey Into Comics. We sit down and reminisce some of our podcasting memories as well as dive into things that happened within the network. Breaking away and back into normal Podcastrophe territory, we began discussion on the upcoming election and what we've endured the last four years. Enjoy!


139 - Bearded Motivation

Celebrating three years for the Journey Into Comics Network this week, Dick wanted to have a bad ass guest, so he enlisted Dave from YouTube's Bearded Motivation! The two talk beards, MMA, lifting weights, some drama in the bearded community and mending relationships.


check out Dave's channel here:

Bearded Motivation


138 - So Long, Not Goodbye

This week, Dick announces that Podcastrophe will be taking a short break, only to return back to its roots in the near future. Dick and Dave talk about their 4th of July weekends, a few movies they've watched including Dr. Sleep. Dick has a bone to pick with the Indiana Department of Revenue, and they close out the show talking about food and pizza!


137 - Shitting On Five Guys

Dick and Dave are joined by Austin Hill and Patrick Yoki to discuss a plethora of things. They discuss the Civil War, the iceberg the Titanic hit, and Maaaaatt Daaaaamon.


136 - Little Druggie MacGuyvers

Dick and Dave are joined by Kyle and Alan of Arkose. Lots of crazy topics and discussion about our lockdowns. Arkose is beginning a new EP and much much more!


135 - The One With Austin…Again

Dick and Dave are finally back in the studio after two long months of social distancing and quarantine, and with them joins long lost guest Austin Welch who hasn't been seen since episode 22! They talk about movies, actors, Nick Offerman, Parks and Recreation and much much more all in this latest edition of PODCASTROPHE!


134 - Beardcast

This week Dick is solo and he catches us up on what he's been doing before diving into the history of his facial hair. Be sure to check out the Podcastrophe youtube and subscribe to get 30% Reviews!


30% Reviews | Royal Beardsmen | Whiskey Glaze Scent Review

Today on Podcastrophe's 30% Reviews Dick reviews the Whiskey Glaze scent from Royal Beardsmen Beard Company


30% Reviews | Royal Beardsmen | Tortuga Bay Scent Review

Today on Podcastrophe's 30% Reviews Dick reviews the Tortuga Bay scent from Royal Beardsmen Beard Company


133 - Naughty Phillips

On another over the interwebz episode, Dick and Dave are joined by Pod Daddy Nate and Jack Rose! Lots of political discussion and a brief talk about Rolo along with some corona virus public etiquette talk all in this latest episode of Podcastrophe! Apologies for the buzzing noise, Dick is only 30%! Be sure to check out and subscribe to Podcastrophe on Youtube to get 30% Reviews! Half-assed reviews, from a half-assed dude!

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