144 - Big Dick Ramblings

On this Black Friday 2021, Dick hops on real quick to talk about whatever comes to his mind.


143– Tyler Is Happy

And we're back! After some time away, Dick is back with a brand new episode; and he brought none other than The Irish Hand Grenade, TYLER MCLAUGHLIN! Dick and Tyler catch up and learn all about Tyler's new life as a happy fella as well as all he's been doing since the dreaded pandemic began. The two also discuss the upcoming Venom sequel, Halo: Infinite, and more!


142 — Monster Hunter, Meh

Dick gives a little insight into his personal life and then dives into his thoughts on the latest Monster Hunter game, Monster Hunter Rise. 


Happy Fun Metal Time 06 — Graveripper

This episode of Happy Fun Metal Time, Nick and Dick have local blackened thrash legends Graveripper in The Dudio to talk some serious Donkey Kong 2! Stick around to the end to hear their new single Atoms Divide off their upcoming EP, Radiated Remains! 


Pre-order the EP here: https://graveripper.bandcamp.com/?fbclid=IwAR2P9QjRIUyFZlFMxoEkPIUIGEkh1OHJNm1ltaiytLtfBU2NgSP5s8aiavU


141 - Entertaining The F*ck People

Coming back from an extended break, Dick drives up to the Podfathers home and wishes him a happy birthday! Nate and Dick reminisce and break down some social topics as well as go into some of Nate's recent happenings in the last year. 


Happy Fun Metal Time 05 - All The Stuff Metals

Nick and Dick are joined by friend Chris Kerrigan this week. The boys dive into the music they have been jamming lately and bs a bit. Enjoy!


Big Dick Updates

Just a short solo-cast to update everyone on the channel and catch up with what Dick has been up to, and future plans for the show. Dick talks about the new podcast himself, Branden Stone, Nate Phillips, and Nick Maxson have been working on titled Rank 'Em All. 

Happy Fun Metal Time With Nick & Dick will be replacing Podcastrophe as the main show for awhile, so please enjoy our discussions and bullshit about heavy metal.


Rank 'Em All can be found on Youtube and all of the podcasting platforms



Happy Fun Metal Time 04 - Kardashev

Welcome back to Happy Fun Metal Time With Nick & Dick. Brett joins us for the resurrection of the show and we talk about our new love affair with band Kardashev. 


140 - Branden Stone

SURPRISE! We're bringing you the first of a ten episode series a little early to prepare you for what is to come! To start off the road to episode 150 we brought back our very first guest, Branden Stone. Brando is the host of The Game Addicts Podcast as well as Co-host of Journey Into Comics. We sit down and reminisce some of our podcasting memories as well as dive into things that happened within the network. Breaking away and back into normal Podcastrophe territory, we began discussion on the upcoming election and what we've endured the last four years. Enjoy!


139 - Bearded Motivation

Celebrating three years for the Journey Into Comics Network this week, Dick wanted to have a bad ass guest, so he enlisted Dave from YouTube's Bearded Motivation! The two talk beards, MMA, lifting weights, some drama in the bearded community and mending relationships.


check out Dave's channel here:

Bearded Motivation

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