107 - Beef Button

Dick and Dave are joined by the buttery smooth voice of Patrick Yoki. They discuss the coming Area-51 Raid, a little football, video games, and round it all out with a little Star Wars Talk, all this week on PODCASTROPHE!


106 - Dave Gets Distracted By Bearjitzu

Dick and Dave are at it again this week! Talking video games, being distracted, Iron Maiden concert stories! Dick talks a little about the new Monster Hunter Iceborne expansion and his thoughts on X-Men: Dark Phoenix. Grilled cheese and bear attacks and some really lame rap all in this episode of PODCASTROPHE!

WARNING!: very graphic audio of a man being eaten alive by a bear, not for the faint of heart folks!


105 - E=MC2′ITAGE

On this episode...well...I'm not really sure what all we talked about! Dick and friends are taking a break this week and pulling one from the vault for your listening pleasure!


104 - Luck’s Run Out

Dick and Miranda are back this week. They discuss Miranda's work troubles and a hefty decision weighing on her conscience. Andrew Luck retired from the NFL this weekend, and Miranda shares her thoughts. They end the show with a recollection of their recent trip to 450 North Brewing Company and trying to decide what to get for dinner!


103 - I Identify As Yeet

This week on Podcastrophe we bring back the heart melting voice of Patrick Yoki. Dick, Patrick, and Miranda break down the Area-51 Raid, talk about their graduating classes, some NFL conversation, and Dick explains the legend that is, Harambe. The gang closes the show by telling stories of their mischievous youth.


102 - Epstein

Clint Chase is back this week along with the usual hosts Dick and Tyler. Clint talks about giving up buying storage units and thrifting and his newfound beta max addiction. Some video game talk is had before diving head on into clean energy discussion, politics, and the current Jeffrey Epstein happenings.


101 - A Casual Tuesday With Dick and Miranda

It's just Dick and his wife Miranda hanging out this week as they enjoy a night to themselves! After catching up on the kids' first day back to school, Dick and Miranda dive into some personal marriage discussion within their own world and eventually lead to an in depth discussion over addiction.


100 - Like It, Love It, Yee.

Podcastrophe is now officially 100 episodes old! Thank you everyone who has subscribed, downloaded, and listened over these last 100 episodes! 

This week The Four Horsemen of The Apodcaplypse, Dick, Tyler, Branden Stone of The Game Addicts Podcast, and The Podfather himself, Nate Philips, all reminisce on the last 100 episodes, Rolo, the Panda of Subaru, and more. Other discussion throughout including recent movies watched, and our suggestions of things to check out! 

Here's to 100 more! 


099 - Tyler Goes Skiing

The Game Addicts invade HouseCastrophe this week and bring us a jam packed episode! Topics covered include CBD, fast food, a reading of a horror film plot written by an AI bot, Red Dead Redemption and other games, and Tyler tells us the infamous Pringles can story! 


098 - Survive The River

We're getting ever closer to that sought after episode 100! Be sure to download and share! This week we have all the hosts present and we talk hardcore about movies! We really dive into the Chronicles of Riddick series and discuss various other movies. Matt and Tyler delve into basketball talk while Dick takes a nap, but he wakes up just in time to talk about Area 51 memes!