098 - Survive The River

We're getting ever closer to that sought after episode 100! Be sure to download and share! This week we have all the hosts present and we talk hardcore about movies! We really dive into the Chronicles of Riddick series and discuss various other movies. Matt and Tyler delve into basketball talk while Dick takes a nap, but he wakes up just in time to talk about Area 51 memes!


097 - Little Tortilla Boy

Podcastrophe welcomes back Tyler after an extended leave and is joined by Patrick Yoki! A smorgasbord of topics is discussed including Spider-Man Far From Home and some trailers are watched.  


096 - Hitting the Reset Button


This week on a shocking new episode of Podcastrophe! Dick is away on vacation so the Podfather Nate (joined by a very special guest) steps up to the plate to help out as we inch closer to episode 100!

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095 - For The Love of All Ford Probes

Dick is joined by Game Addicts host Brandon Stone and Game of King Chair regular, Jon Welk to discuss the HBO Docu-Drama, Chernobyl. Our first cars, our first times getting pulled over and why all in this latest edition of Podcastrophe!


094 - The Lonely Dick Chronicles 2

On this episode of Podcastrophe Dick is alone, and alone he stands(sits) to give you a laid back podcast where he discusses the latest Men In Black movie, his passions and what they mean to him, and he riffs a bit with the live chat!


093 - Late To The Game

We're a little late in recording and streaming this weeks show, and it was a little late in the evening so shorter episode folks! This week Matt and Dick discuss E3 and the games they are excited to see coming out! A lot of Pokemon talk, and an interesting Master Chief theory all in this week's episode of Podcastrophe!


Game of King Chair 07 - Final Thoughts

On this final episode (for now) of Game of King Chair, Nick and Dick are once again joined by Branden Stone of Game Addicts Podcast and we break down the entire Game of Thrones series as well as dish some more on the final seasons.


Intro by Leo Morichelli of Frog Leap Studios

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092 - Shame Shower

We got the full crew for this fun episode of Podcastrophe! UFC, the math and physics behind Titanic, Godzilla, and much much more! 


Game Addicts Eat 001 - Beyond Burger

Brando and Mike from the Game Addicts Podcast come to you with a new show where they try the vegan Beyond Burger from TGI Fridays and nerd out a little about Avengers: Endgame.

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091 - Mildly Okay

Matt and Dick talk about their memorial day weekend, working out and getting into shape, Detective Pikachu, and even get some very rare and unheard of WRESTLING talk in as they race the clock before the storm knocks out the power in this latest edition of PODCASTROPHE